UW Bioengineering's Jasmine Fuerte-StoneUW Bioengineering’s Jasmine Fuerte-Stone is one of the first three STARS students graduating with engineering degrees. She completed the five-year program in just four years.

The STARS program is designed to increase the number of students from disadvantaged backgrounds who graduate with engineering degrees. STARS students participate in a “redshirt” year their first year and typically spend five years at the UW; however, three students from the first cohort have completed the program and their engineering degrees in just four years. Students in the program receive extra academic support, including help developing their study skills and foundation in math and science in their first year, as well as community building, mentoring and funding.

Her senior year, Jasmine worked in Assistant Professor Jennifer Davis’ lab on research related to wound healing and heart tissue repair. Jasmine recently talked with the UW College of Engineering about her experience with the STARS program and her plans for the future, which include an internship at the Infectious Disease Research Center and a Ph.D. degree. Read UW College of Engineering’s story.