The UW School of Medicine named Dr. Buddy Ratner, professor of bioengineering and chemical engineering and the Michael L. & Myrna Darland Endowed Chair in Technology Commercialization, as its 2014 Lifetime Inventor & Innovator. Dr. Ratner is only the second recipient in the award’s history. He will formally accept the award at a reception, to be held Thursday, November 6, 5-7 PM. Event details here

This award honors an individual whose career has helped pave the way for medical innovation to occur at UW.

Dr. Ratner, a pioneer of the biomaterials field, focuses on creating “biomaterials that heal” that enhance the performance and function of medical devices. His research interests include biomaterials, tissue engineering, polymers, biocompatibility and surface analysis of organic materials.

Dr. Ratner’s work has revolutionized knowledge in the field, defined new directions and made significant clinical impact.

Particularly interested in technology commercialization, Dr. Ratner holds more than 20 patents and participated in the launch of several companies based upon his work.

Dr. Ratner arrived at UW Bioengineering, then called the Center for Bioengineering, in 1972.

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