Eric Chudler with His NW Emmy

Eric H. Chudler, Executive Producer of Brainworks

Article updated June 5, 2023.

Congratulations to UW Bioengineering’s Eric Chudler, and his team at the University of Washington on winning a 2023 Northwest Regional Emmy® Award  for the program, “BrainWorks – Vision and the Brain.”  BrainWorks takes viewers on a journey inside the human brain and aims to educate children about the wonders of neuroscience. The program won an Emmy® in 2017 for “BrainWorks: Exercise and the Brain” in the Science and Health – Program/Special category. Winners were announced at the 60th Anniversary Gala on June 3.

“The NW Emmy Award for ‘BrainWorks: Vision and the Brain’ is a great honor that recognizes the work of the UW Video crew, and the kids and experts who participated in the program,” said Chudler. “I hope people will watch BrainWorks to learn more about what makes us, us.”

The Brainworks team

Dave Ris (Editor), Cara Podenski (Executive Producer/Writer/Director from UWVideo), Eric H. Chudler, (Executive Producer).

The episode was one of four selections for the Children/Youth/Teens award and introduces viewers to the anatomy of the eye, how color vision works, how vision is tested in the clinic and how vision may be restored with a “brain-computer interface.”  Funding for the episode was provided by the Dana Foundation and the Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking and Technology (DO-IT) program. The show was produced by UWVideo.

Chudler, the executive producer of the show, is research associate professor of bioengineering and executive director at UW’s Center for Neurotechnology. He is currently working with the DO-IT program to provide hands-on neuroscience experiences for high school and early postsecondary students who identify as neurodiverse learners.

Watch the episode here