“I first became interested in BioE when I was a senior in high school. I went to a math academy summer camp at UW that was through the College of Engineering and all of the TAs were from different engineering majors. The BioE TAs seemed like interesting people to work with and made me look into the major. I’m more interested in outcomes than processes so I thought BioE was the major for me. I also really like that the undergraduates are so diverse and well-rounded. I am also majoring in Applied and Computational Math Sciences (ACMS) because I realized I was more interested in the computational and mathematical side of bioengineering problems and wanted to increase my depth of knowledge.

After graduation, I want to go to Spain for a year to teach English and then come back to work in industry and pursue graduate school. I took four years of Spanish in high school and studied abroad in Ecuador for a quarter to learn more Spanish. I would highly recommend studying abroad, I fit it into my schedule winter quarter of sophomore year, right before we started core. It was something that was important to me coming into college so I made it work with my schedule.

I’ve developed my teaching skills through Dream Project and a Matlab course that some other undergraduates and I developed. Dream Project has been a phenomenal experience where I’ve been able to get involved in the Seattle community and help high school students with their educational plans.

My advice for prospective students is to diversify your sources of education. There are a lot of opportunities to learn through non-classroom experiences, and developing and learning how to learn are both important parts of college. I recommend getting involved in different clubs, meeting people and having new experiences that will shape your college experience.”

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