Ayokunle Olanrewaju receives prestigious Beckman Young Investigator Award

This highly selective award recognizes only the most promising young faculty (less than 5% of applicants). The funding will enable Olanrewaju to develop a wearable device that analyzes small blood samples to understand how medicines affect individual bodies.

Research & Awards

Amy Orsborn

Amy Orsborn honored with NSF CAREER award

One of the most prestigious awards in the nation for early-career faculty, the National Science Foundation grant supports Osborn’s research on sensorimotor neural interfaces and educational initiatives for underrepresented STEM students.

Patrick M. Boyle and Princess Imoukhede

Patrick Boyle and Princess Imoukhuede receive 2024 ITHS Awards

The Institute of Translational Health Sciences awards will enable Boyle to improve heart rhythm issue identification in post-surgery Tetralogy of Fallot patients, while the Imoukhuede lab will develop a blood test to predict preeclampsia before symptoms arise.


CTMR receives major NIH grant renewal to advance muscle research

Thanks to a multi-million-dollar grant from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases of the NIH, the Center for Translational Muscle Research has received funding to continue its important research to 2029.

NIH provides substantial support to CRBM for advancing reproducible biomedical modeling

The National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering has awarded a five-year grant to the Center for Reproducible Biomedical Modeling, to enhance the reliability and reproducibility of biomedical models.

Cell showing areas with DNA, insulin and amyloid

Breakthrough discovery links bacterial infections to Alzheimer’s disease

Valerie Daggett’s lab discovered that while amyloid-beta peptide can defend against infections, excessive amounts can damage brain cells, contributing to Alzheimer’s disease.

Andre Berndt

Machine learning revolutionizes protein engineering for neuroscience

Researchers in Andre Berndt’s lab are applying machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence, to tackle complex protein engineering challenges.

Department and Faculty News

Students Bioengineering

UW Bioengineering academic program renewed for another 10 years

The Graduate School Council offered commendation to UW Bioengineering on the strength of its programs, faculty and students. The department moved from provisional status to continuing status and the next program review in 2033-2034 with concurrence of the Graduate School.

Kathy Leach and Azadeh Yazdan

A chance encounter creates pathways for future Bioengineering leaders

UW Bioengineering Associate Professor Azadeh Yazdan and alumna Kathy Leach met through social media and collaborated to create a Leadership in STEM course to cultivate tomorrow’s leaders.

Andre Berndt and Patrick M. Boyle

Two UW Bioengineering faculty achieve promotion and tenure to Associate Professor

Congratulations to faculty members Andre Berndt and Patrick Boyle for their promotion and tenure as associate professor.


Faculty, staff and students receive 2024 UW Bioengineering Department awards

Twelve students, faculty, teaching assistants and staff were recognized for their dedication and contributions to the UW BioE community.

Bioengineers Connect: First-ever networking dinner inspires future innovators

The inaugural Bioengineers Connect event brought together BioE students and alumni for a networking dinner that provided valuable insights and inspiration for life beyond school.

Student News and Awards

Bioe's husky 100

Celebrating UW’s elite: Six Bioengineering scholars named to Husky 100

This award is given to outstanding juniors, seniors and graduate students who have significantly contributed to both the University and their broader communities.

Izzy Kim

DiversiTEA: Building community one cup of boba at a time

Issac (Izzy) Kim created DiversiTEA chats to celebrate diverse identities and backgrounds, offering a platform for mentorship, discussion and community building.

Featured Publications

Sox9-Coordinated Cellular Neighborhoods Generate Fibrosis.

Darian Bugg and Jennifer Davis.

Cell Stem Cell

Incomplete-Penetrant Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy MYH7 G256E Mutation Causes Hypercontractility and Elevated Mitochondrial Respiration

Soah Lee, et al.

Michael Regnier and UW School of Medicine / Stanford University School of Medicine / Sungkyunkwan University School of Pharmacy / University of Michigan Ann Arbor / University of California Santa Barbara / University of Kentucky College of Medicine /

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Drug Testing of Monodisperse Arrays of Live Microdissected Tumors Using a Valved Multiwell Microfluidic Platform

Ethan Lockhart, et al.

Albert Folch and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center / Meta Reality Labs / L&T Technology Services

Lab on a Chip

Engineering Low Volume Resuscitants for the Prehospital Care of Severe Hemorrhagic Shock

Trey Pichon, et al.

Suzie Pun and UW Depts of Chemical Engineering ; Molecular Engineering; Comparative Medicine; Emergency Medicine / Industrial Technology Research Institute

Angewandte Chemie (International Ed. in English)

Liver-Targeted Polymeric Prodrugs Delivered Subcutaneously Improve Tafenoquine Therapeutic Window for Malaria Radical Cure

Ayumi Pottenger, et al.

Patrick S. Stayton and University of Colorado Anschutz School of Medicine / Walter Reed Army Institute of Research / Seagen, Inc. / George Tyson Consulting / University of California Berkeley  /  BioTD Strategies / Certara, Inc. / Burke Bioventures LLC

Science Advances

An Adaptive Prosthetic Socket for People with Transtibial Amputation

Joan Sanders et al. and UW Depts of Mechanical Engineering; Rehabilitation Medicine

Scientific Reports

IL-22 Promotes Mucin-Type O-Glycosylation and MATH1+ Cell-Mediated Amelioration of Intestinal Inflammation

Ankita Singh, et al.

Nancy L. Allbritton and Marshall University School of Pharmacy / Stony Brook University Renaissance School of Medicine / Stony Brook University Hospital / Harvard Medical School / Brigham and Women’s Hospital / GlycoAnalytics Core, University of California San Diego

Cell Reports

Stem Cell Engineering Approaches for Investigating Glial Cues in Central Nervous System Disorders

Sangamithra Vardan, Tyler Jordan, and Shelly Sakiyama-Elbert.

Current Opinion in Biotechnology

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