Three UW Bioengineering core faculty members were honored with FACET awards for their positive influence on students’ career and professional development.

group of UW Engineering faculty posing at FACET banquet 2022

UW BioE’s Alyssa Taylor, seated second from left, and Soraya Bailey, seated third from left, at the 2022 FACET banquet.

UW’s Career Center at Engineering (CC@E) honored Soraya Bailey, assistant teaching professor, Suzie Pun, Washington Research Foundation Professor, and  Alyssa Taylor, associate teaching professor, with 2022 Faculty Appreciation for Career Education & Training (FACET) Awards for their support of students.

The awards program, which launched in 2019, invites UW Engineering students to nominate a College of Engineering faculty member who has positively impacted their professional development through mentorship and career preparation.

The 2022 awardees were recognized at the FACET awards banquet on May 10. An adjunct professor of bioengineering, Ted Gross, professor of orthopaedics and sports medicine, was also recognized.

This is the third time that Bailey has received this award, and the second honor for Taylor. Faculty reactions and excerpts from students who nominated them are below.

UW BioE professor Soraya Bailey

Soraya Bailey

Assistant teaching professor

“I am honored to be nominated by the Master of Applied Bioengineering students. I ensure that all students are well prepared for their eventual careers post-graduation by supporting and mentoring them on their master’s education journey. I am fortunate to teach a great group of ambitious students who are open to feedback and practical tips on being successful. It is a joy to see their success when they embark on their eventual careers.”

From the nomination:

“Soraya Bailey has helped me with multiple resume reviews and career advice in general. As the MAB director, she brings in industry leaders to speak to our class. This gives us opportunities to network with industry executives that may lead to job or internship opportunities. She has structured her classes to help students develop necessary skills for networking and interviewing. She strengthens our public speaking and presentation skills. Outside of this, she presents opportunities within UW in the College of Engineering and Foster School of Business and in the Greater Seattle Area. Soraya goes above and beyond to ensure that each MAB student comes out of the program with essential skills to succeed in finding an opportunity in industry.”

UW BioE Professor Suzie PunSuzie Pun

Washington Research Foundation Professor

“I worked in industry for three years before joining the faculty at UW, so I try to make a strong connection between the fundamental principles we are learning in the class with how we can apply that understanding in designing translational-relevant technologies.”

From the nomination:

“Dr. Pun incorporated guest lecturers from the industry into her lectures to further enhance our understanding of the course material and to present us with opportunities for networking and professional development. I loved her class!”

UW Bioe professor Alyssa TaylorAlyssa Taylor

Associate teaching professor

“I am particularly honored by this recognition because it stems from student nomination. I feel so lucky to have a chance to work with our wonderful students and strive to be a source of positivity and support. I enjoy providing students with opportunities to reflect on their current experiences, as a tool to continually make forward progress in their professional development.”

From the nomination:

“Professor Taylor has gone above and beyond in explaining the real life applications of the things we learn in class from people with different communities and backgrounds, and how the things we learn as engineers impact everyone. Her class really put into perspective who I am engineering for and how to be inclusive.”

Past FACET Award recipients in UW BioE:


Soraya Bailey
Alyssa Taylor
Kim Woodrow


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Soraya Bailey
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