Nobel Laureate Michael Levitt to present December 2014 UW Walker Ames Lecture

UW Bioengineering Professor Dr. Valerie Daggett is hosting December 2014's UW Walker Ames lecturer, Dr. Michael Levitt, the Robert W. Vivian K. Cahill Professor of Cancer Research in the Department of Structural Biology at Stanford School of Medicine. Dr. Levitt is a 2013 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry and was also Dr. Daggett's postdoc advisor in the early 1990s.

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Paul Yager to speak at TEDxRainier 2014

UW Bioengineering Professor Dr. Paul Yager will present a talk at TEDxRainier 2014 on November 22nd. Dr. Yager, who served as UW BioE chair from 2007 to 2013, focuses on development of microfluidic devices and systems for analysis of biological fluids for use in biomedical diagnostics. The primary goal of his work is to expand access to healthcare by creating low-cost point-of-care diagnostic devices that can easily be used in low-resource settings.

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Charles Murry to present first lecture in UW’s 2014 Engineering Lecture Series

Dr. Charles Murry, UW professor of pathology, cardiology and bioengineering, will present the first lecture in UW’s 2014 Engineering Lecture Series, “Engineering the Heart: From Cell Therapy to Computer Technology”. Dr. Murry will present a talk entitled “Engineering a Broken Heart”, on October 15, 2014.

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2014 NESAC/BIO Workshop – Register by 8/2/14 for early rates!

This 2.5 day workshop includes lectures and surface analysis demonstrations. Demonstrations on NESAC/BIO instruments will provide application examples for the material covered in the workshop lectures. Attendees will learn the capabilities of biomedical surface analysis methods and how to intelligently review data received from surface analysis laboratories.

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Biomaterials Day, April 11, 2014

UW Bioengineering will host the Biomaterials Day event on April 11, 2014. This student-led event, funded in part by a $5,000 grant from the Society for Biomaterials, features talks by noted biomaterials experts and recognizes the University of Washington's history of excellence in the field.

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