Albert Folch and his book

Cover image credit: Greg Cooksey and Albert Folch

Hidden in Plain Sight is chosen as an Outstanding Academic Title by Choice

Professor Albert Folch’s book, Hidden in Plain Sight: The History, Science, and Engineering of Microfluidic Technology, was selected by Choice as a 2022 Outstanding Academic Title. The textbook was also named a Top 75 Community College Title as one of 18 titles in Science & Technology in the November 2022 issue. According to the Choice award letter the honored works are noted for “their excellence in scholarship and presentation, the significance of their contribution to the field, and their value as an important – often the first – treatment of their subject.” Outstanding Academic Titles constitute just twelve percent of the titles reviewed and three percent of the more than 13,800 titles submitted to Choice in 2022.

In the review of Folch’s book CHOICE Connects writes, “Truly wonderful… in part because Folch’s writing style is so remarkably clear, anyone interested in science and technology will appreciate and benefit from this fascinating book.” Hidden in Plain Sight describes the development and use of key microfluidic devices, from the inkjet printer to DNA sequencing chips. Folch, a leading researcher in microfluidics, shares not only the technology but also the efforts, teams, places and circumstances that enabled these inventions. Hidden in Plain Sight was published by MIT Press in 2022. To learn more about Folch’s book and his research, read this Q&A.