UW Bioengineering Research Associate Professor Eric Chudler recently returned from a trip to Sherbaling Monastery, near Bir, India to teach Tibetan Buddhist monks about neuroscience.

During Dr. Chudler’s visit, the monks learned about brain anatomy, physiology and function. He led lectures and several hands-on activities designed to demonstrate the function and role of the brain and its role in controlling the senses, learning, perception and consciousness. Dr. Chudler documented his most recent trip, as well as accounts of his activities outside of the classroom with the monks like basketball and hiking, with pictures at his blog Neuroscience in India.

Dr. Chudler has visited Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns in India since 2011 through his involvement with the Science for Monks program, a project that connects Western educators with the exiled Tibetan monastic community. The program develops the leadership needed to grow and sustain science learning that engages Buddhism with science, and to disseminate the work of the monastic community and their unique perspective on science and spirituality. The project is a direct result of the Dalai Lama’s long-term personal interest in science. Learn more about the Science for Monks program.

Dr Chudler and monks on a hike Sherbaling Monastery Eric Chudler with monks
Sherbaling Monastery Monks participating in neuroscience activity Monks at Sherbaling Monastery