Research Professor Emeritus
Phone: (206)685-8622
Office: OOB 208
UW Bioengineering faculty Lawrence Crum

Lawrence Crum

Medical Imaging
Physical acoustics
Industrial acoustics
Global health
In vitro diagnostic assays
Stimuli-responsive polymers
Protein conjugates
Biomolecule separation
Acoustic Hemostasis
the use of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to stop bleeding
Image-guided HIFU Therapy
the use of ultrasound-guidance to generate HIFU lesions in vivo
Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy
the use of acoustic shock waves to comminute kidney stones
Ultrasound-Enhanced Drug Delivery
the use of ultrasound to accelerate the transport of drugs, in both intra-vascular and transdermal applications
The Physics of Ultrasound Contrast Agents
the use of stabilized microbubbles to enhance echogenicity in diagnostic ultrasound devices
Single Bubble Sonoluminescence
the study of how ultrasound can generate light
Sonochemistry and Toxic Waste Remediation
PhD (physics), University of Ohio, 1967
MS (physics), University of Ohio, 1965
BS (mathematics), University of Ohio, 1963
2002, Honorary Visiting Professor, Moscow State University
2002, Honorary Visiting Professor, Chongqing Medical University
2000, Helmholtz-Rayleigh Medal, Acoustical Society of America
1999, Honorary Doctorate, University of Brussels
1998, President, Acoustical Society of America
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