Cover image credit: Michael Butler

UW Bioengineering students have published the first issue of Denatured, a journal that was founded in June 2015 by seniors Connor Tsuchida, Michael Butler, Joanna Sun, Haseeb Malik and Julio Pineda. The students run the journal as a registered student organization (RSO), and BioE lecturer Dr. Dianne Hendricks serves as their faculty advisor.

Denatured aims to raise awareness of new discoveries and research in the field of bioengineering by providing accessible and exciting articles about innovation in medicine and biotechnology. The journal also offers BioE undergraduates the opportunity to gain technical writing experience.

The first issue of Denatured explores topics such as 3-D printing for medicine and biotechnology, gene editing, drug delivery and vaccines for emerging disease epidemics. The issue also features an interview with BioE’s Robert F. Rushmer Professor Suzie Pun.

Download Issue 1 of Denatured