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Cecilia GiachelliWelcome to UW Bioengineering’s Innovation & Impact!

In this issue, we proudly showcase our latest achievements in bioengineering research, education, leadership and service.

With warm regards,
Cecilia Giachelli, Ph.D.
W. Hunter and Dorothy Simpson Endowed Chair, Professor
Department of Bioengineering

50/20 Anniversary Updates

Researcher with patientJoin us to celebrate our next 50 years of impact on health care

Save the date for our 50/20 Anniversary Signature Event – May 21-22! Faculty, students, alumni and friends are invited to learn about our distinguished history of innovation and impact.


Researchers discussing their workInventing the future of medicine, empowering health care innovation

In a new video created to commemorate our anniversary, we tell how we’ve empowered better health care through biomedical innovation.

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Faculty Research & Awards

Researchers studying neural activityAdvancing solutions to neural engineering challenges with new research area

BioE aims to improve quality of life for patients with neurological conditions including stroke, brain and spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, autism, hearing and vision loss and psychiatric illness.


SPLiT-seqWith new ‘shuffling’ trick, researchers can measure gene activity in single cells.

Researchers from Georg Seelig’s (Electrical Engineering, adjunct BioE) and Suzie Pun/Drew Sellers’ labs, and the Allen Institute for Brain Science, have developed a new single-cell RNA sequencing method that can reliably track gene activity in a tissue sample to the individual cell level. BioE Ph.D. student Charles Roco is co-lead author of a paper reporting the team’s findings, published March 15 in Science.


Ruikang WangRuikang Wang named WRF / David and Nancy Auth Innovator of Bioengineering

By enhancing the UW’s ability to recruit and retain talented faculty engaged in translational research, this award strengthens our innovation pipeline to biomedical industry.


Azadeh Yazdan-ShahmoradAzadeh Yazdan-Shahmorad receives Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Engineering Career Development Award

This award supports Azadeh Yazdan-Shahmorad’s efforts to develop stimulation-based therapies that restore function and mobility in people with neurological disorders.


Karl BohringerKarl Böhringer to direct UW Institute for Nano-Engineered Systems

NanoES’s vision is to attract nanoscale science and engineering researchers, and to enable industry partnership and entrepreneurship.


Donald BakerDonald Baker – pioneer of medical ultrasound – dies at age 85

Donald W. Baker, professor emeritus and inventor whose device has enabled life-saving imaging for millions of patients, passed away Feb. 27, 2018.

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Featured Publications

Single-cell profiling of the developing mouse brain and spinal cord with split-pool barcoding

Charles Roco et al.
(Georg Seelig and Suzie Pun/Drew Sellers labs; Allen Institute for Brain Science)

Precision-porous templated scaffolds of varying pore size drive dendritic cell activation

Ruying Chen et al
(James Bryers’ lab)
Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Zwitterionic Nanocages Overcome the Efficacy Loss of Biologic Drugs

Bowen Li et al.
(Shaoyi Jiang’s lab)
Advanced Materials

Harnessing sphingosine-1-phosphate signaling and nanotopographical cues to regulate skeletal muscle maturation and vascularization 

Jonathan Tsui et al.
(Deok-Ho Kim’s lab)
ACS Nano

Increased Calcific Aortic Valve Disease in response to a diabetogenic, procalcific diet in the LDLr-/-ApoB100/100 mouse model

Marta Scatena et al.
(Marta Scatena/Cecilia Giachelli labs)
Cardiovascular Physiology


Noncovalent tagging of siRNA with steroids for transmembrane delivery

Wanyi Tai and Xiaohu Gao.

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Trainee Highlights

Nepal countrysideNew study abroad program in Nepal to explore clinical needs and technology solutions for global health

BioE’s first study abroad program, “Bioengineering Nepal: Technology Development for Global Health,” will introduce students to needs, solutions and challenges that impact health care delivery.


A-Alpha Bio team membersOLA Simple team membersA-Alpha Bio, OLA Simple win top prizes at 2018 Hollomon Health Innovation Challenge 

UW’s Hollomon Health Innovation Challenge recognizes student entrepreneurs working to address important issues in health care, and offers them the chance to win seed funding to advance their ideas.


Undergraduate studentsHumans of UW Bioengineering returns to highlight undergraduate student experience

In its second year, the blog seeks to promote understanding of the challenges students face and celebrate the diversity within our community.

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Community Spotlight

Winston CiridonShirley NolletteWinston Ciridon and Shirley Nollette nominated for 2018 UW Distinguished Staff Awards

Winston Ciridon, research technologist, and Shirley Nollette, assistant to the chair, are recognized for their commitment to the UW and a passion for their work that never rests.

Learn about Winston
Learn about Shirley

Eric Chudler A meeting of minds: Eric Chudler teaches neuroscience to Tibetan Buddhist monastics

Monks and nuns’ lessons on neuroscience complement their focus on the first-person study of conscious experience.


Students at graduation

Save the date: 2018 Bioengineering Graduation Celebration

This year’s Graduation Celebration will be held Friday, June 8th in Hogness Auditorium (UW Health Sciences building); doors open at 5:15 p.m., ceremony at 5:30 p.m.


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