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UW Bioengineering chair Cecilia GiachelliWelcome to UW Bioengineering’s Spring/Summer 2016 eNews!

I’m pleased to send you this update on our advances in bioengineering research and education, as well as recognize recent achievements of our students and faculty.

This graduation season, we congratulate our Class of 2016 on their accomplishments. Graduates are encouraged to stay connected with the department and fellow UW bioengineers by following us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

I hope you enjoy this issue.


Cecilia Giachelli, Ph.D.
W. Hunter and Dorothy Simpson Endowed Chair, Professor
Department of Bioengineering
University of Washington

Innovation and Impact

AIMBE FellowsCharles Murry, Michael Regnier, Ruikang Wang and Tueng Shen inducted as 2016 AIMBE Fellows

Drs. Murry, Regnier, Wang and Shen are among 25 core and adjunct UW Bioengineering faculty who are AIMBE Fellows. AIMBE Fellows represent the top two percent of medical and biological engineers in the United States, and are dedicated to improving lives through medical and biological engineering. Read more


Allan HoffmanAllan Hoffman to recieve Controlled Release Society, Acta Biomaterialia awards

Professor Emeritus Allan Hoffman, an international “ambassador for biomaterials” will receive the 2016 Allan Hoffman CRS Foundation Award and the 2017 Acta Biomaterialia Gold Medal in recognition of his contributions to the field of biomaterials. Read more


Wendy Thomas with studentWendy Thomas receives 2016 UW Distinguished Teaching Award

Associate Professor Wendy Thomas was selected for a 2016 UW Distinguished Teaching Award. This award recognizes her outstanding teaching and mentoring, excellence in research, selfless contributions to service at UW and beyond, and her efforts to champion inclusion. Read more


Charles MurryCharles Murry honored at Northwest Association for Biomedical Research’s “Speak up for Research” Gala

Charles Murry, UW professor of bioengineering, pathology and medicine/cardiology and cardiac disease research pioneer, received the Dr. Alvin J. Thompson Award. The award recognizes Dr. Murry’s significant contributions to the advancement of biomedical research. Read more


Jennifer Davis

New faculty member Jennifer Davis works to block scarring in heart regeneration

Assistant Professor Jennifer Davis applies expertise in cardiac biology and genetics to break down the barriers to repairing heart damage. As an avid marathoner, she finds that running inspires some of her best scientific ideas. Read more


vwf-secretion-and-fiber-assembly-in-a-microvesselUW Bioengineers design tiny vascular networks, study clotting

Assistant Professor Ying Zheng engineers vascular microenvironments that offer insight into the function and behavior of cell, tissue and organ systems. Associate Professor Wendy Thomas investigates the mechanical forces that affect blood clotting, which may one day help prevent heart disease and stroke. Read more


Krittika D'SilvaSenior Krittika D’Silva receives Cambridge Gates scholarship

Krittika D’Silva, a BioE and computer engineering double major, has received a Gates Cambridge Scholarship for Ph.D. study at the University of Cambridge in the UK. At UW, she has worked towards creating software solutions for health care and empowering a world of
good through mobile technology. Read more


Whitaker awardeesAbbi Helfer, Lael Wentland, Anna Blakney and Emily Krogstad receive Whitaker Awards

Whitaker International Fellows and Scholars Program awards promote the professional development of superb leaders in biomedical engineering who will advance the profession through an international outlook. BioE’s 2016 awardees will travel to Australia, Vietnam, the UK and South Africa. Read more


Husky 100 studentsBioE Students Ian Andrews, Krittika D’Silva, Gary Liu, Natacha Comandante Lou, Anastasia Nicolov and Dominic Tran selected for inaugural Husky 100

Husky 100 students demonstrate a mindset of discovery, commitment to inclusive community, capacity for leadership, readiness for life’s next steps and willingness to experience learning beyond the classroom. Read more


UW Business Plan Competition winners MultiModal HealthBioE student teams win UW Business Plan Competition’s Third Place, Big Picture, Best Health/Healthcare Idea prizes

MultiModal Health, led by Ph.D. students Brian Mogen and Tyler Libey, took home both the $7,520.16 Third Place and the $5,000 Big Picture/AARP Foundation Prizes. Z-ion+ Technologies, led by Ph.D. students Marvin Mecwan and Ruying Chen, won the $2,500 Cambia Best Health/Healthcare Idea Prize. Read more


Archival photo of Donald BakerUW alumnus Donald Baker named to Washington Life Science Hall of Fame

UW alumnus and former research professor Donald W. Baker will be inducted as an inaugural member of the Washington Life Science Hall of Fame. Dr. Baker was a collaborator of UW Bioengineering founder Robert F. Rushmer, and is recognized for revolutionizing medical ultrasound through Doppler Technology. Read more


Michael Garrison’99 Ph.D. Alumnus Michael Garrison receives UW Diamond Award for Distinguished Achievement in Industry

Now vice president of R&D at Becton Dickinson and Co., Dr. Garrison has inspired and developed medical products that have improved health care safety, disease management and infection prevention around the world. Read more


Wendy Thomas, Daniel Ratner and Ian AndrewsWendy Thomas, Daniel Ratner, Ian Andrews receive 2016 College of Engineering Awards

Faculty Wendy Thomas and Daniel Ratner received the Faculty Award for Teaching and the Dean’s Award, respectively. Senior Ian Andrews received a Dean’s Medal for Academic Excellence. Read more

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ToF-SIMS and XPS Characterization of Protein Films Adsorbed onto Bare and Sodium Styrenesulfonate-Grafted Gold Substrates

Foster RN, Harrison ET, Castner DG. Langmuir.

A Tension-Based Model Distinguishes Hypertrophic versus Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Davis J, Davis LC, Correll RN, Makarewich CA, Schwanekamp JA, Moussavi-Harami F, Wang D, York AJ, Wu H, Houser SR, Seidman CE, Seidman JG, Regnier M, Metzger JM, Wu JC, Molkentin JD. Cell.

Isolation and Mechanical Measurements of Myofibrils from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes

Pioner JM, Racca AW, Klaiman JM, Yang K, Guan X, Pabon L, Muskheli V, Zaunbrecher R, Macadangdang J, Jeong MY, Mack DL, Childers MK, Kim DH, Tesi C, Poggesi C, Murry CE, Regnier M. Stem Cell Reports.

Sharing Structure and Function in Biological Design with SBOL 2.0

Roehner N, Beal J, Clancy K, Bartley B, Misirli G, Grünberg R, Oberortner E, Pocock M, Bissell M, Madsen C, Nguyen T, Zhang M, Zhang Z, Zundel Z, Densmore D, Gennari JH, Wipat A, Sauro HM, Myers CJ. ACS Synthetic Biology.

Optic Disc Perfusion in Primary Open Angle and Normal Tension Glaucoma Eyes Using Optical Coherence Tomography-Based Microangiography

Bojikian KD, Chen CL, Wen JC, Zhang Q, Xin C, Gupta D, Mudumbai RC, Johnstone MA, Wang RK, Chen PP. PLoS One.

Biophysical characterization of small molecule antiviral-loaded nanolipogels for HIV-1 chemoprophylaxis and topical mucosal application

Ramanathan R, Jiang Y, Read B, Golan-Paz S, Woodrow KA. Acta Biomaterialia.

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Bioengineers in the news

Stem CellsCharles Murry contributes to updated global standards for stem cell research

Professor Charles Murry is a member of the committee of the International Society for Stem Cell Research that issued updated guidelines for work involving the manipulation of stem cells, and the translation of that work into medical therapies. Read more


Paul Yager disease diagnosticsScientific American reports on Paul Yager’s paper-based disease diagnostics

The tests being developed by Professor Paul Yager offer a fast, inexpensive, highly sensitive and simple testing platform that could enable faster treatment, limit disease spread, save lives and reduce the cost of healthcare worldwide. Read more


Lab on a Chip coverAlbert Folch’s “The upcoming 3D printing revolution in microfluidics” featured on Lab on a Chip cover

Associate Professor Albert Folch co-authored the May 21 cover paper and designed the cover illustration. The review paper explores state-of-the art advances, advantages, barriers and potential of 3D printing in microfluidics. Read more


Biomaterials Science coverDeok-Ho Kim’s “Self-assembling peptides for stem cell and tissue engineering’ featured on Biomaterials Science inside front cover

In this review paper, Assistant Professor Deok-Ho Kim and collaborators discuss the potential of self-assembling peptides (SAPs) in conjunction with stem cells to improve the repair of damaged tissues. Read more

Eric Chudler with BrainWorks co-starsEric Chudler hosts BrainWorks: Exercise and the Brain

BrainWorks is a UWTV program that aims to educate children and adults about neuroscience. This episode examines the benefits of exercise on the brain, and how staying active can maintain healthy brain function throughout life. Read more

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