Humans of Bioengineering: Timothy Bi

Senior Timothy Bi, part of the Daggett lab, talks about his experience in UW BioE and UW Academy. He sees med school in his future, but is planning to work for a few years and figure out his next steps.

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IDEAS — Innovations in Dialysis: Expediting Advances Symposium 2018

August 20-21, UW campus. IDEAS brings together researchers, physicians, industry representatives and government officials committed to improving outcomes and reducing costs for end stage kidney patients on dialysis.

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23rd annual UWEB21 Biomaterials Intensive Short Course (2018)

August 6-8, 2018. A 2.5 day intensive introduction to biomaterials, medical devices and biocompatibility presented by experts.

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Humans of Bioengineering: Yiming Li

Senior Yiming Li talks about her research investigating the blood protein Von Willebrand factor (VWF) to better understand how to better control blood clotting, and how a sports injury led her to discover bioengineering. She reflects on how the BioE undergrad cohort system enhanced her experience in the major, and her hopes to pursue health care solutions for low-resource settings in her master's degree study at Cornell.

By | May 25th, 2018|

Senior Caleb Perez receives 2018 Fulbright Study/Research Award to advance cancer immunotherapy in Switzerland

Senior Caleb Perez from Professor Suzie Pun's lab aims to advance cancer immunotherapy with dendritic cell vaccines. He talks about his work, how he honed his interest in bioengineering and translational research, and offers his perspective on what BioE has to offer students interested in research that addresses clinical challenges.

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Robyn Langevin, Solomon Muche, Caleb Perez, Nuttada Panpradist and Ty Youngblood selected for Husky 100 Class of 2018

Five UW Bioengineering students have been named to the third annual class of the Husky [...]

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Humans of Bioengineering: Robyn Langevin

Senior Robyn Langevin talks about her work in the Seelig synthetic biology lab on a new diagnostic that detects differential gene expression associated with cancer or autoimmune disorders. She also discusses the importance of academic outreach and giving back to the community, and how personal struggles helped her gain perspective on her experience in BioE.

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Humans of Bioengineering: Per Lukas Hillerström

Luke is an undergraduate senior in bioengineering, and he has a long background before coming to UW as a non-traditional student. He balances school with running his own plumbing company, and you may recognize him as the father of our unofficial BioE mascot, Chinook. Read more about his story...

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Humans of Bioengineering: Harrison Hiraki

My name is Harrison. I do research in the Zheng Lab and I currently work at a cancer therapeutic company, Immune Design. After I graduate I will be attending the University of Michigan to pursue a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering.

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Suzie Pun named 2018 Marsha L. Landolt Distinguished Graduate Mentor

Suzie Pun, the Robert F. Rushmer Professor of Bioengineering, has been named the 2018 recipient of the Marsha L. Landolt Distinguished Mentor Award, in recognition of her outstanding mentoring of graduate students.

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